The Information Age has come up with several changes in the lives of the people as witnessed in education, markets and societies posing great challenges to developing nations, including Nigeria.

Coordinated actions on the part of all sectors of the African societies, therefore have to begin taking shapes, in ways the nations not only address challenges posed on jobs, education and development, but also secure a sure future for the generations unborn.

To this effect, the Broadband for Nigeria Project Team, in consultation with all stakeholders drew up a Broadband Strategy Framework Document for Nigeria, on the 28TH of August, 2010 at the National Commission for Colleges of Education, Abuja. The Framework should serve as a template for developing a Broadband Policy for Nigeria.

Additionally, while firmly believing that Nigerians and indeed all Africans deserve suffiecient broadband access to live and prosper, the BB4NG Team further provides you with an opportunity to voice your support towards the realization of Broadband Policy for Nigeria.

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Thank you.